Which is Best Water Purifier for Home In India?

Top 10 Water Purifier for Home in India


Is it correct to say that you are searching for the best water purifier for your home? Then you are at the right site. Do you and your relatives and friends often suffer from water-borne diseases? Don’t worry! There are many people to go with you. Your requirement is the best water purifier. Having the best water purifier for home is a need and not a luxury in India.

RO water purifiers are for each Indian home. People take the term ‘RO’ and ‘water purifiers’ as identical. There are many technologies like UF, MF, and UV other than RO water purifiers. All of them remove the impurities. Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification is the most dependable purification technology.

Water from natural resources like lakes and rivers get contaminated. It may be by the animals, human beings, and waste is thrown from the industries. The municipalities add fluorine or chlorine to the groundwater. This is beneficial to remove infections and microscopic organisms. Regardless of their hard work, our tap water contains unsafe chemicals. Multi-stage RO purifiers can remove water contaminations. They may be microorganisms, mud, sand, etc. It can remove excess diffused solids. These solids are magnesium, calcium, any heavy metals like lead, etc.

You can buy an RO water purifier on the web or from an electronic store. But, purchasing the correct one is not that easy. There are several brands with different types of models. This makes it a difficult task to buy the right water purifier for your home. You might need to know which is the best water purifier for home in India. This is possible with a detailed study about the buying guide, pros, and cons of a water purifier.

We have tried 18 water purifiers in the Indian market to share our experience. Our research says that the following 10 are the best ones. You can take your own decision after knowing the details about all the 10 best water purifiers

Top 10 Water Purifiers for Home in India


1. KENT Supreme 2020 Water Purifier

Most Trusted and Awarded Brand

Kent water purifier is a trustworthy and best-selling RO water purifier in India. It has ultra-modern innovative technology. Kent Supreme is the most appropriate water purifier for home use. The purifier is a perfect option to purify any type of water supply. It gives excellent quality cleaning with the assurance of excellent after-sales service.

Unique Features:

  • Technology

Kent’s mineral ROTM technology maintains vital minerals in purified water. It utilizes the TDS controller. Thus, it provides healthy germ-free drinking water.

  • Multiple Purification Process

The cleaning cycle in the storage tank makes the drinking water healthy and fit for drinking. This cycle eliminated even dissolved pollutants like rust, fluorides, arsenic, and pesticides.

  • World’s Best Quality Certification

Kent RO purifiers have a Gold seal of the WQA and certification from NSF, (USA)

  • Fully Automatic Operation

Kent Supreme has a unique automatic auto-on/off operation. The purifier switches off when the capacity of the tank is full. It restarts when the water level comes below the greatest limit.

  • Price

You may notice that the price a bit on the higher side. Kent Supreme gives the benefit of every penny you spent.

Top 10 Water Purifier for Home In India

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  • 100% pure water
  • Retains essential minerals
  • In-tank UV disinfection
  • Water-level indicator
  • Suitable for a small family
  • Perfect for houses in coastal areas and the industrial belt


  • Filter replacement costs are extra costs
  • White color involves constant cleaning and proper maintenance

2. HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Water Purifier

Best Copper RO Water Purifier in India

Pureit Copper RO is an ultra-modern technology water purifier. It strengthens your family’s health. The purifier has the latest innovation and copper infused water. The 7 stage RO+UV+MF purification measure technique clears the water. Its extraordinary feature of Copper Charge Technology controls it with nutrients of copper.

Unique Features

  • Copper Charge Technology

Pureit Copper RO imposes water with 99.8% clean and fresh copper in real-time. In past years, you had to keep water for 8-10 hours in a copper container.

  • Intelligent Copper Auto Cleaning

Copper vessels need strenuous daily cleaning to avoid oxidation. Pureit Copper RO cleans the copper, guaranteeing fresh copper infusion.

  • Double Purity Lock

There is an alert 15 days in advance before the expiry of a filter. The auto shut-off halts the water supply if a filter is not changed. This ensures 100% assurance of good quality water.

  • USEPA Compliant

The purifier has the capacity to remove one crore virus and 10 crore bacteria from 1000 ml of water.

  • Hands-Free Bottle Fill Zone

You don’t have to hold the bottle to fill water from Puerit RO water purifier. It is easy to fill a bottle without any hassle.

  • 7 Stage RO+MF+UV Purification

Pureit Copper RO has a 7-stage purifying technology. They are:

  • Micro Filter Membrane
  • Mesh Filter
  • PP Melt Blown Pre-Sediment Filter
  • Post-RO Carbon Filter
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • UV Reactor
  • Pre-RO Carbon Filter


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  • Water Purification with nutrients of Copper
  • High-tech Exclusive Design
  • Gives Alert for Filter Change
  • Dual Water Dispensing
  • Soft-touch buttons for Dispensing Water
  • Good taste of water
  • Excellent for ground and tap water


  • Maintenance Cost is High
  • High Price
  • Spare parts are not easily available for replacement


3. Ruby Alkaline Black Water Purifier

Cheapest RO Water Purifier

Ruby Alkaline water purifier comprises mechanical filtration to clear particles, carbon retention. It eliminates chlorine, odor, and dissolved solids at the ionic level, as well as a membrane. The exclusive design features help easy installation and reliable operation.

Unique Features

  • Electrical parts are of good quality
  • 6 stage purification
  • The storage capacity of 12 liters of water
  • Removes virus and bacteria from the water
  • Removes dissolved particles (TDS) from the water

Which is Best Ro Water Purifier for Home in India

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  • Cheapest Ro Water Purifier
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install


  • Bad service collaboration

4. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel Water Purifier

Ultra-Modern Design, Best Ro Purifier

Eureka Forbes is one of the well-known brands. It manufactures high-quality water purifiers in India. Aquaguard Marvel has an excellent design and the latest technology. The RO+UV innovation gives perfect purification. The Active Copper Technology gives nourishment of copper. The Mineral Guard Technology maintains the essential minerals present in water.

Unique Features

  • Smart Functioning

Eureka Forbes has an innovative technology. It doesn’t allow the water to overflow by switching off when the tank is full. This helps to save energy.

  • The best option for a small family

The purifier has the capacity of six-liter water which is enough for a small family. It has a compact size filter that you can mount on the wall taking less space.

  • Smart TDS Controller

The controller can help to adjust the taste as per the source of water. The life of the cartridge is about 6000 liters. This gives longer hassle-free protection to your family.

  • UV e-boiling Technology

The technology guarantees that each drop of water is healthy and safe. It is equal to water boiled for twenty minutes.

Eureka Forbes

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  • The taste of water is good
  • Excellent customer service
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Durable cartridge


  • The cost of maintenance is high
  • Inadequate for large families


5. Konvio Neer Amrit Water Purifier

Digital Water Purifier with Smartness Features

Konvio water purifier has been the creator of water purification. They provide high-quality drinking water. The purifier is a maintenance-free purifier with a 6-stage purification process. It accompanies Japanese UV technology with a high TDS 3000 layer. This keeps water clean and safe for twenty liters of water every hour. It has the capacity to store eight liters of water at a time.

Unique Features

  • Philips Ultraviolet Lamp

If you store water in the tank for a long time there are chances that few germs may come into the storage tank. The Philips ultraviolet lamp causes prompt purification of water. This will help you to get safe and clean water.

  • High TDS Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Saltwater transforms into freshwater. It goes through a natural membrane-like wall. The high TDS reverse osmosis system converts hard and toxic water into fresh, clean drinking water.

  • 12 Litre Storage Tank

The water storage tank holds water after reverse osmosis until you use it. The purifier can store water up to 12 liters of water.

  • Smart Purifier has digital features

The purifier has the following digital features:

  • Artificial Intelligence Health Management System
  • Generates automatic service ticket
  • It has Konvio Neer smart app to see digital service data.
  • Digital dashboard to note down important information

Top 10 Water Purifier for Home in India

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  • Best filter at a low price
  • Water taste is amazing
  • Good quality built-up
  • Budget water purifier under Rs6000


  • Poor customer care
  • Spares are not easily available for replacement


6. AQUA Libra Water Purifier

Best RO Water Purifier under Rs 6000/-

Aqua Libra is one of the most known low budget water purifiers. It contains a 100 GDP heavy booster pump, 1100 IV carbon, and an imported 80 GDP RO membrane. The purifier has an LED UV system that performs for a longer time and saves electricity. The sediment filter is a 1-micron filter. It eliminates rust, sand, and soil particles.

Unique Features

  • High-Quality Product

The purifier has:

  • Great 100 GDP booster pump
  • LED UV protection
  • Copper Alkaline technology inside
  • Imported 80 GDP RO membrane
  • UF filter
  • ABS food-grade plastic cabinet
  • Carbon Sediment Filter

Charcoal carbon filters are the best at eliminating chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They are not powerful at eliminating salts, minerals, and dissolved organic substances.

  • Ultrafiltration Process

Ultrafiltration cuts all colloidal particles (0.01 to 1.0 microns) from water. The pore size in a UF membrane decides the sort and size of pollutants eliminated.

  • Special RO membrane

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a unique kind of filtration. It utilizes a semi-porous, slim film with pores small in size to pass unadulterated water. It removes bigger molecules like dissolved salts (ions) and different impurities like bacteria.

  • Ultraviolet water purification

Ultraviolet water purification is the best strategy for purifying microorganisms from the water. The ultraviolet (UV) rays infiltrate destructive microbes from the water. They thus end illness-causing microorganisms by damaging their hereditary center (DNA).

Aqua Libra

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  • Good and quick customer support
  • Value for Money product
  • Water quality is not good
  • Easy to Operate
  • Vocal for Local


  • The water dispenser knob is not good
  • Installation is not free
  • No display is available


7. AO Smith Z9 Water Purifier

Best RO Water Purifier for High Budget Buyers

AO Smith is a well-known worldwide brand of water purifiers. It is available in the Indian market at reasonable costs. The AO Smith Z9 model has the license of Advance Recovery Technology. The purifier can save many times more water than the standard RO purifier. It additionally guarantees the least wastage of essential minerals during the RO purification process. The purifier gives a premium look to your kitchen.

Unique Features

  • 8-Stage Purification Technology

This premium purifier ensures clean drinking water with its well-organized innovation. The tap water flows through 8 stages provides the best tasting water. It involves reverse osmosis, pre-filter, carbon block, mineralizer, sediment filter, and SCMT.

  • Hot Water at the press of a button

The purifier provides you clean hot water at two different temperatures. You have to choose either 45°C or 80°C as per the need. It is helpful in making tea, cooking baby food, soaking grains, soothing soar throat.

  • Advance Alert Technology

AO Smith Z9 water purifier gives an alert for changing filters and RO membrane.

  • RO+SCMT (Silver Charged Membrane Technology)

SCMT makes use of a silver membrane to give double protection. It removes any minor impurity after RO process.

  • India’s 1st RO with night assist

AO Smith Z9 purifier has an exciting feature of night-assist technology. The glow effect helps you to reach the purifier at night.

Which is best water Purifier for Home in India

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  • Hot and cold-water options
  • Low power consumption
  • Less water wastage
  • The tank has a 10-liter storage capacity
  • Elegant look
  • Automatic child lock for water above 50°C


  • The water refill process starts when the water level reaches 50% capacity
  • Costly as compared to other purifiers
  • Hot water functions only when the tank is full
  • Does not function without electricity


8. Aquaguard Aura Water Purifier

Best RO Purifier for Budget Buyers

Aquaguard Aura water purifier has a good-quality design and innovative technology. It gives ideal purification through its UV+UF technology. The Ultrafiltration gives an extra layer of cleaning. This provides safe and clear water.

Unique Features

  • Advanced Mineral Guard Technology

The advanced mineral guard innovation assists in holding the essential minerals. They may be magnesium and calcium which gives safe and healthy water.

  • Ultra-Filtration

The process helps to give clean water. It protects from viral and bacterial contamination.

  • Patented Active Copper Technology

The dynamic copper cartridge infuses copper particles and minerals into the water

  • Unique UV E-boiling

The unique e-boiling innovation makes your water protected and unadulterated. It is like water boiling for about twenty minutes.


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  • Manual TDS controller
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • 7-liter storage capacity
  • Cheap price
  • Prompt delivery


  • No alert for filter change
  • The power adapter is outside the body of the water purifier


9. V-Guard Zenora Water Purifier

Best RO Water Purifier under Rs 10,000/-

The V-Guard Zenora water purifier is according to Indian water conditions. It has a high-level multi-stage purification process with a special mineral balancer. This gives the guarantee of clean, healthy, and water that tastes good.

Unique Features

  • Long-lasting filters

Each filter installed in the purifier guarantees that filters supplement each other. They withstand the quality of Indian water for a longer time. Thus, provides the best performance and reduces the problem of frequent replacement.

  • World-class RO membrane

The purifier has good technology. The RO membrane includes a wide-surface area for better results. It contains a robust pump that delivers the best performance. V-Guard Zenora reduces TDS and removes microorganisms and heavy metals from water

  • Double protection with advanced hollow fiber UF membrane

The extra layer of safety worked through an advanced hollow fiber UF membrane. This filters out any leftover microorganisms. It cleans the filtered water to keep any fine particles from entering the water storage tank.

  • LED indicators

The purifier has three LED indicators – ‘Low Pressure’, ‘Purification On’, ‘Tank Full’. This is beneficial to guide you about the health of the purifier. It ensures clean and healthy water at all times.

  • Provides natural taste

RO treated water goes through a mineral balancer involving the calcite media. This kills the acidic nature of water. It adjusts the pH level guaranteeing clean and healthy water.

Top 10 Water Purifier for Home in India

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  • Vocal for Local
  • Excellent product at best price
  • Good performance
  • Consumes electricity less than a tube-light
  • Cures water having TDS up to 2000 ppm


  • Poor customer service


10. Blue Star Excella Water Purifier

Affordable RO Water Purifier with Good Features

Blue Star Excella Water Purifier has an attractive compact design. The purifier is suitable for small kitchens. It maintains an accurate pH level and gives good quality water. The accurate pH level turns the water alkaline that is good for health. Excella has a pre-filter. This enhances the effectiveness of other filters and membranes in the purifier.

Unique Features

  • There is a Double Layer RO+UV Protection

The two-layer protection gives the guarantee of safe quality water. RO eliminates all suspended particles, impurities, and micro-organisms. UV deactivates microbes, impurities, and bacteria.

  • It consists of Copper Impregnated Activated Carbon

Copper impregnated activated carbon contains anti-bacterial properties. It eliminates odor, smell, unstable organic compounds present in the water.

  • Removal of superfine sediments

The purifier has a super fine sediment filter of five microns. This helps to remove even tiny particles of dust, mud, and sand.

  • 6 Stage Purification

The 6-stage water purification confirms the good quality of water. The stages are:

  • Pre-sediment filter
  • Sediment filter
  • Pre-carbon filter
  • RO membrane
  • Post-carbon filter
  • UV lamp
  • It has Aqua Taste Booster

The booster utilizes calcite media which improves the taste of water. It retains an ideal pH level of water.

Blue Star

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  • Retains the alkalinity and the pH level
  • Affordable Price
  • Includes pre-filter
  • Compact and elegant design
  • TDS level is constant


  • Storage capacity is less
  • Don’t give an alert for filter change

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