Wearable Health Monitoring Device that goes Handy with You

There is a never-ending modification in health care and medications. The techniques of doing surgery keeps on improving. Many patients suffering from different problems don’t need doctor visits. Wearable devices help the patients to take care of their own health issues. There are some trustworthy wearable health monitoring device that goes handy with you seen in the market. Patients can keep a track of their heart rate, blood pressure levels, etc from the comfort of their home. Doctors study the patient’s data and guide them for their healthcare plans.

The wearable health monitoring devices help to keep a track on various issues. Some devices help to prevent disease and maintain good health. There are devices to guide for proper weight management and exercise schedule. Devices are useful for tracking the blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The devices have many functions and features. They check patient’s health, track and collect information, improve health and lifestyle. Let me mention some of the best health monitoring devices that are ideal as per my own experiences.

1.  Wearable Fitness Tracker

The absolute innovative and unique type of wearable device is fitness tracker. These wrist band have in-built sensors to track your heart rate and physical activity. They guide the persons wearing it with health and wellness suggestions.

Wearable Health Monitoring Devices               

Toobur fitness activity tracker watch is the best option for wearable technology. It’s sleek look ability to track steps is amazing. It has a great battery life and awesome customer support.

2. Smart Health Watch

Earlier watches were useful in counting steps and telling time. Smart watches help to do tasks that perform on phones. They may be to send messages, make phone call, read notification. Some watches are beneficial in performing exercise, health tracking.

Wearable Health Monitoring Devices

Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of my favourite wearables. It has a fascinating look, a beneficial rotating bezel, and an excellent battery life.  You can match it with android and iOS gadgets. It has features like light sensor, barometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor, etc.

3.  Wearable ECG Monitor

Wearable ECG Monitors are on the front line of buyer’s gadgets. Their capacity to measure electrocardiograms and ECGs separate these monitors from some smartwatches. The monitor measures electrocardiogram and provides the reading to the customer’s doctor. It also detects atrial fibrillation. The monitor tracks distance, pace, and elevation. It also tracks for swimming, running, walking, etc.

Wearable Health Monitoring Devices   

Dozee is India’s first contactless health tracker. It supervises chronic cardiac, respiratory disorder, and hypertension. You get an alert identifying early health problems for timely medical actions. The device keeps a track of their health and lifestyle. Dozee uses micro-vibrations built by respiration, heart, and body movements. It converts them into biomarkers.

4.  Chest Strap For Staying Fit and Energetic

Chest strap are modern, efficient device to analyse data like a pro. It renders accurate heart rate reading. The device also provides access to many fitness apps, smart watches, gym equipment, etc.

Wearable Health Monitoring Device  

Polar chest strap helps you read your heart the smart way. It provides calories burnt in your workout activity. The device shows real-time heart rate, and heart rate zones. Its graphical representation gives excellent help in understanding the readings. The strap has an amazing battery life and the best HR monitor.

5. Device for keeping Track of your Weight

People expect a ‘perfect body picture’ for good health and well-being. So, weight measurement might be a day-to-day activity. Poor weighing scales may lead to disappointments. Proper weight is an important element for good health. Over-weight may cause problems like diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, etc. Under-weight may lead to problems like anemia, fertility issues, etc. So, we need to have ideal weight. You will have to measure it on regular basis.

Wearable Health Monitoring Devices 

Actofit body fat analyser measures 15 body composition metrics with one smart scale. It can store up to 16 persons readings. The scale is the best product. Actofit has connectivity of smart phone which shows accurate results. It is a good device for a fitness enthusiast. The scale is an excellent option for fitness trainers and health coaches. It is not difficult to use and a great health tracker.

6. Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

Wearable blood pressure monitors are innovative form of smart watch. They measure blood pressure, calories burnt, etc. The device records the readings in an app. It shows trends and patterns of your heart rate.

Wearable Health Monitoring Devices   

Wearable Health Monitoring Device for Checking Blood Pressure

Omron wrist blood pressure monitor HEM 6232T is of a small size with super calm operation. It is beneficial in monitoring the heart rate at your convenience. You can keep it while you are on a journey. The automatic device gives accurate readings. It is perfect handy blood pressure monitor machine. If you connect the phone with Bluetooth, you can take a back-up of readings from the device.

7. Smart Thermometer for Measuring Body Temperature

You can most likely recall when you got fever as a kid. An immediate reaction of your mother was to check your body temperature. The medical thermometer took few minutes to check the temperature. We have to place the thermometer below your tongue or in your armpit. Latest advancements enable you to measure temperature quick and easy way.

Wearable Health Monitoring Devices 

Omron forehead thermometer provides non-contact body temperature. It is a perfect device for all age groups from new born babies to senior citizens. The thermometer works well. It supports Fahrenheit and Celsius output. The device comes with a user manual. It has an easy setup and reading is faster than other thermometers. The battery life is long, so we don’t have to replace it very often.

8. Pain Relief Device

Pain relief devices provides light electrical currents to the skin to reduce pain. The device gives relieve from joints, shoulder, muscle, and back pain. You can adjust the strength of the current as per your need. It is a safe device, worth buying for personal use. The device is an extraordinary alternative to medications.

Wearable Health Monitoring Devices   

SandPuppy heatwrap is an electric heating pad that provides flexible heat therapy. The pad has high quality, stretchable, lightweight fabric. It is a quality device for the whole family. The pad has the best temperature controller and a fantastic color sign. It has a convenient setting of three temperature levels. The heat pad has many use for knee, back and shoulder pain.

9.  Wearable Blood Sugar Monitor

Researches and medical gadgets manufacturers are investigating wearable devices. They aim to help manage the complications in diabetes. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given permission to some wearable devices. They are beneficial for diabetic patients. A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) can help to track sugar levels for the entire day and night. The device gathers readings every few minutes. This helps the doctor to know the patterns and trends. The information is useful in dealing with your diabetes.

Wearable Health Monitoring Device    

Wearable Health Monitoring Device for Diabetes Care

Abbott FreeStyle Libre Sensor is a compact and lightweight device. It is beneficial in measuring the blood glucose levels for 14 complete days. The device is painless, easy to apply, and water resistant. You don’t have to recalibrate it in repetition with hurting finger pricks. The freestyle libre system is reliable, great, and steady. It works for fourteen days without need for finger prick calibration.

10. Health, Fitness and Activity Tracker

The tracker motivates you to follow a specific exercise and diet plan. The tracker helps you to achieve your goal. The device records your activity, and informs you about all the readings. They let you know the distance you travel and calories burnt. Some remind you to stand up and walk around if you were sitting at the same place for too long. The device tracks your sleep and monitors your heart rate.

     Wearable Health Monitoring Devices

Fitbit Alta HR is a sleek wristband that tracks heart rate, exercise, and sleep. It displays notifications and sends reminders. The device builds a good healthy routine. Fitbit Alta HR in an excellent wearable health monitoring device to track your activities. The stylish look allows you to wear it in any occasion, let it be sports or party. It has a good battery life.

11. New-age Meditation Tracking Device

As you are aware, controlling stress is essential for good health. There are many methods to reduce stress. You should try the best possible method. A common method is meditation. This helps to decrease symptoms linked with anxiety, stress, and depression. You may not need any device for meditation. But the device may assist you to get calm and relaxation without any problem.

Wearable Health Monitoring Devices   

Dhyana is a modern-age meditation tracking device. The device helps you to practise mindfulness and provide benefits to your mind and body. Dhyana is an award-winning smart meditation ring that reads your heart rate. It helps you to meditate for 21 minutes and improve your mental wellbeing. You can connect the device with you tube. It is an excellent innovative device.

12. Wearable Smart Sunglasses

Wearable technology shows the new era of innovations. The devices are easy to use and with best technology. Smart sunglasses give a variety of features. Some have buttons on the frame to operate. There are other glasses that work by tapping, swiping, or holding down.

Wearable Health Monitoring Devices   

Bose frame Alto are smart sunglasses having open-ear audio, UVA/UVB protection. The sunglasses have built-in speakers with good quality sound. The Bluetooth connectivity in the sunglasses provides hassle-free pairing. It has a good lens quality and have polarize glasses. The design fits well, looks decent, suitable for all occasion.

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