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Top 7 Myths about Gluten-Free Food

15 Top Surprising Facts about Gluten

Top 7 Myths About Gluten-Free Food


Do you think Gluten is harmful? Reconsider!! This is only the case for people with Gluten Sensitivity. People may face problems like constipation, weight loss, abdominal pain, etc while consuming gluten. The gluten-containing foods will be beneficial to those persons who are not gluten allergic. To pursue more information let’s study the top 7 myths about gluten-free food. We will also go through 15 top surprising facts about gluten.

Myth 1. Gluten-Free Diet is Good for everyone.

Myths about gluten free

Persons suffering from celiac disease should not eat gluten. People who are allergic to gluten face some mild reactions after eating gluten food. To reduce such symptoms people should eat gluten-free food. In the event that you don’t have these conditions, going without gluten may restrict your food choices.

Myth 2. Only grain-based foods contain gluten.

Top 7 Myths about Gluten-Free Food

Wheat bread, pasta, and grain generally contain gluten. But gluten is present in many food items. For example, it’s used to bind processed foods, in drugs, and lip ointments. Study the labels and consult your doctor or dietitian for help. They may guide you in questionable circumstances.

Myth 3. Eating a Gluten-Free Diet will help lose weight.

Top 7 Myths about Gluten-Free Food

People tend to lose weight when they stop eating pasta, bread, and noodles. These foods are high in calories and carbs. There are many gluten-free products that are high in glycemic index. To lose weight, you should consult your dietitian for the right diet.

Myth 4. Gluten is found only in food.

myths about gluten free

It is found in many products other than food items. Gluten is present in cosmetics, medicine, toothpaste, etc. Consult your doctor to take advice. They will help you while choosing any product. Plain nuts are gluten-free whereas spicy or salted nuts contain gluten. Always check the ingredient labels of the product.

Myth 5. Eating Gluten-Free is harmless.

Top 7 Myths about Gluten-Free Food

The gluten-free diet is not the healthiest diet. It is not necessary for people who are not gluten sensitive. It may cause problems like constipation due to low fiber intake. Gluten-free food items have a limited amount of vitamins and minerals. There are many products available in the market that are gluten-free. But they are processed, refined, and lacking nutrition.

Myth 6. Foods with the Label “gluten-free” belong in a gluten-free diet.

myths about gluten free

Plenty of whole foods don’t contain gluten. Safe choices include fresh fruits and vegetables, pure juices, eggs, etc. You can also choose lentils, honey, seeds, etc. Unprocessed meats—including fish, chicken, and beef—are also gluten-free. And you can eat other whole grains, including corn, amaranth, millet, and quinoa.

Myth 7. You can’t eat balanced, tasty meals on a gluten-free diet.

myths about gluten-free

You should make a proper choice of your food options. At breakfast, you can have an egg-white omelet with low-fat cheese and veggies. At lunch go for some spinach with grilled chicken and gluten-free dressing. For dinner, you can eat rice noodles with tofu and veggies. You can also have corn tacos stuffed with meat.


15 Top Surprising Facts about Gluten

Food intolerance or sensitivity is a genuine medical condition affecting people around the world. Every year many people get allergic to food. Most of the allergy causes mild symptoms. Yet there are some allergies causing serious issues. If you have confusion about a gluten-free diet, you are not alone. Here are 15 top surprising facts about gluten.

  1. Gluten can cause autoimmune disorders.
  2. Everyone with celiac infection is allergic to gluten. Yet not every person with gluten intolerance will create celiac illness
  3. There are many medical conditions that gluten can either cause, add to, or aggravate.
  4. Gluten is a familiar reason for vitaminB12 deficiency.
  5. There is a type of gluten in corn that can cause inflammatory harm.
  6. Consuming gluten in excess may lead to both excessive weight gain or loss.
  7. It is harmful to eat processed “gluten-free” food items.
  8. Gluten can cause asthma side effects.
  9. You can suffer from 4 types of skin disease due to gluten consumption.
  10. Processed food can be cross-contaminated with gluten.
  11. Gluten can add to testosterone issues in men.
  12. The food items with the label “gluten-free” are not always healthy.
  13. Any gluten-free diet is not dangerous to follow if you don’t have gluten sensitivity.
  14. Gluten may cause liver damage, arthritis, and joint pain.
  15. Beauty and skin products containing gluten can cause health problems.

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