Incredible benefits of Organic farming to improve our life

We should be aware of the importance and incredible benefits of Organic farming to improve our life. Let’s do a detailed study.

What is Organic?

Organic indicates the method of growing and handling any agricultural product (produce, meat, dairy, etc.) is without the use of any chemicals. Organic farming prohibits the use of these items:

1. Harmful and artificial fertilizers and pesticides

The harmful fertilizers and pesticides present in non-organic farming remain in the food we eat and harms our body.

2. Use of GMO

GMO changes the DNA of the food items to make them resistant to fertilizers or produce an insecticide.

3. Petroleum-based fertilizers

These fertilizers harm the ecosystem. It consists of gasoline which is harmful. They are non-renewable resources.

4. Sewage and dirt-based fertilizers

They have a negative impact on the soil.  They contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Organic production has stopped the use of these fertilizers

5. Chemical preservatives, colors, and flavors

It has an adverse impact on the environment. This will create health problems. The purpose of using such items is to cover the poor quality of food items.

Organic food items are very helpful to people who consume them and to people and their families who produce them.

Incredible benefits of Organic farming:

1. Boost biodiversity

It reduces pollution, diminishes soil erosion, and widens fertility. Organic farming use natural methods of producing which develops biodiversity.

2.Extra healthy fats

Organic food items have more omega-3 fatty acids. It is a type of unsaturated healthy fat. The total intake of calorie is sustained

3. Additional antioxidants

They have extra antioxidants. Organic food is rich in vitamins, minerals which increases antioxidants present in food items.

4. Improves your complete health

The production of food items doesn’t use harmful chemical pesticides which improve the health of people consuming organic food. It gives better nourishment and better living to humans and animals.

5. Superior taste

The food contains no preservatives, lasts longer, and enhances the taste. The harvest action of food items is natural and rich in flavor. The execution of natural conditions gives a high nutrition content to the food items.

6. Reduction of pesticide

Pesticides are harmful as it accumulates in the liver and kidney. Organic food items are free from health-harming chemicals.

7. Powerful immune system

The alteration of organic products is not possible. They are rich in their nutritious content which boosts the immune system

8. Recommended for the soil

There is no usage of harmful chemicals in organic farming there is less soil pollution. Organic soil retains more water, which helps in less use of water in producing organic food next time.

9. Preferable for the climate

Organic farming brings an effective change in the climate. It has a constructive influence on the surroundings. It helps create a healthy living soil that is resistant to floods, drought.


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