Diet Plan And Food Myths And FactsMyths and Facts

Diet Plan & Food Myths and Facts For Diabetes Care

Important Food Myths and Facts For Diabetes Care:

Myth 1: If I consume more sugar I’ll get diabetes is a common myth for diabetes management.

Fact: Eating sugar does not cause diabetes is the fact for diabetes management. But one should cut down sugar intake. The food you eat converts into a sugar called glucose. Glucose also called blood sugar, is a source of energy for the body. A diabetic patient’s body does not make enough insulin. As a result, the extra sugar stays in the blood, so the blood sugar level increases.

Important diet plan Myths and Facts For Diabetes Care:

Myth 2: People suffering from diabetes should have a special diet.

Fact: Food eaten by all persons are the same, whether he is diabetic or non-diabetic. Everyone should have a healthy and balanced food diet.

Myth 3: If I have diabetes, I can never eat sweets.

Fact: Sweets consist of simple sugars. It increases the amount of glucose in your blood. It’s better for everyone to have sweets for special occasions or for a treat.

Myth 4: Carbohydrates(carbs) are enemies for diabetic patients is a diet plan & food myth.

Fact: All carbs are not enemies; is the answer to diet plan and food fact. The carbs that have low glycemic index are good for a diabetic patient such as oatmeal, beans, low-starch vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, etc. One should choose healthy carbs.

Myth 5: All sugar-free food items are calorie-free food items.

Fact: There are sugar-free items that contain high carbs such as sugar-free biscuits that have carbs in the form of starch, consumption of which increases blood sugar levels. It is not necessary to consume any special diabetic food item. The choice of food should be according to its nutrition value.

Important Food Myths and Facts For Diabetes Care:

Myth 6: Alcohol does not affect diabetes is a myth for diabetes management.

Fact: Alcohol affects the liver which affects the blood sugar levels is the fact for diabetes management. If alcohol is accompanied by carbohydrate foods, that also increases the blood sugar level, so alcohol should not be consumed by a diabetic patient. If still, a diabetic patient wants to drink, they should be a can(330 ml) of beer or half glass(175 ml) of wine or one shot(35 ml) of spirit.

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