Great Outdoor Workouts Effective for Diabetic Patients

Great Outdoor Workouts Effective for Diabetic Patients

Some of the outdoor workouts for diabetic patients that should be followed daily to control blood sugar levels are as follows:


walking is a good exercise

Walking is a simple, easiest form and effective outdoor exercise for diabetes care. You breathe in the fresh air. Start walking for 30 minutes. Gradually increase the time of walking day by day. Walking is the most comfortable form of exercise and can be done anywhere. A pair of comfortable shoes with good soles, comfy clothes are required for walking.

Walking improves your metabolism and keeps you feeling energized. A recent study published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology journal says that almost 98 million Indians will suffer from Type 2 Diabetes by 2030. Walking helps cells utilize glucose in the bloodstream efficiently.

Walking improves blood circulation and oxygen supply in the body which improves immunity. It also reduces the risk of getting any heart disease, improves well being, gives better fat loss results.


Swimming is relaxing and enjoyable

It is an outdoor aerobic workout recommended for a diabetic patient. If you swim daily, this exercise lowers the blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels, reduces cholesterol, improves heart and lung function. It is relaxing and enjoyable. It doesn’t put pressure on the joints of the body. Start with swimming laps of 10 minutes and increase the time gradually.

Swimming reduces pressure on the body and joints, improves cardiovascular health, strengthens the major muscles of the body. This outdoor exercise is best for patients suffering from numbness or the lack of feeling in their feet caused by diabetic neuropathy. It helps you tone your body, it burns about 350-500 calories per hour.

If practiced as an entertaining outdoor workout, individually or in groups, swimming is beneficial for mental health. It improves your sleep, improves any pain or stiffness in joints, is relaxing and relieves from any stress.


Cycling as an exercise

It is an effective outdoor exercise for diabetes care if you don’t have any knee problems. .  A cycle, good pair of shoes, and comfortable clothes are needed to perform this exercise. A helmet is good from a safety point of view. One should start with cycling for 10-20 minutes a day. Increase the time gradually.

Proper nutrition is a must along with outdoor exercise.


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