Diabetes Myths and FactsMyths and Facts

Frequently asked Myths and Facts about Diabetes

The most common frequently asked Myths and Facts about Diabetes are as follow:

Myth 1: If anyone in my family has diabetes then only I will have diabetes.

Fact: It’s true that family history increases the risk of getting diabetes, but people do suffer from diabetes even if there is no family history.

Myth 2: I will suffer from diabetes as I am overweight. Thin people don’t get diabetes.

Fact: It is true that overweight increases the chance of having diabetes. But, there are people who are overweight and never develop diabetes. And people who are normal weight do develop diabetes. Thin people don’t get diabetes.

Myth 3: I should not do exercise with diabetes. This is a common myth and misconception about diabetes

Fact: Regular exercise maintains your diabetes. Body’s sensitivity improves by doing Exercise helps boost your body’s sensitivity to insulin, thus helps in controlling diabetes.

Myth 4: There are no symptoms of having diabetes; the only doctor can diagnose it.

Fact: There are no early warning signs of having diabetes. Many times people don’t even know they have it. But there are some symptoms of having diabetes viz; more water intake than usual, excess urination, feeling fatigued tired, weight loss without any diet. In the event that you have any of these side effects, counsel a specialist and complete blood tests.

Myth 5: Diabetes patient should not get pregnant

Fact: It’s not true. Women get pregnant having diabetes and have a normal delivery. This is the most as often as possible got some information about Diabetes.

Myth 6: I have borderline diabetes and so I’m stressed.

Fact: If you have Prediabetes it can be controlled by healthy eating routine, exercise, and way of life plan.

Myth 7: There is no cure for type 2 diabetes.

Fact: This is false. It tends to be cured by an adjustment in the way of life, having diet, nourishment and doing exercise.

Myth 8: I have diabetes, so I will suffer from heart disease also. This is a common myth and misconception about diabetes.

Fact: A heart-healthy person needs to maintain blood pressure, cholesterol along with maintaining blood sugar levels.

Myth 9: I will lose a limb

Fact: Having diabetes does not mean losing a limb. Controlling blood sugar levels and periodically getting complete foot check-up will help you to prevent losing a limb. More extreme consideration is to be taken that if there is any cut, counsel the specialist promptly and get it relieved.

Myth 10: It is compulsory for a diabetic patient to take insulin.

Fact: Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas, which permits the body to utilize sugar for vitality. But it is not necessary that all diabetic patient has to take insulin. Proper medicine, lifestyle, weight management and exercise can control diabetes.

Myth 11: I will go blind if I have diabetes.

Fact: High blood sugar levels damage blood vessels in the retina are and there can be loss of eyesight. An eye exam is advisable at least once in a year and keeps blood sugar levels controlled.

Myth 12: I will need to get dialysis done.

Fact: The glucose levels can be controlled as it influences the veins in the kidney and may thus harm the kidney. As a result of which blood will not get filtered in the body. So it is important to control blood sugar levels.



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