Easy and beneficial tips to improve your health at the office

Easy and beneficial tips to improve your health at the office

If your maximum time is spent in your office, and you think it’s impossible to stay healthy. It’s not correct. Here are some easy and healthy tips to improve your health at the office:

1. Eat your breakfast daily:

A healthy breakfast keeps you energized for a long time. It keeps your stomach full for a long time. You can curtail your unhealthy snacking before lunch by having a proper breakfast. It is good for memory and concentration. It reduces the levels of bad cholesterol, controls diabetes.

2. Carry healthy snacks with you:

Keep healthy snacks such as almonds or some other roasted nuts in your bag. You can also carry some good protein-rich energy bars, gluten-free baked chips, roasted chickpeas, berries, and oats muffins, to name a few items. These are far better options than having some chips or cookies when you feel hungry after having lunch in the evening.

3. Eat lunch that is prepared at your home:

Outside food is harmful to health. It also is high in calories compared to homemade food. Homemade lunch is nutritious and you will save money too. It also improves energy levels and mental health. You have more time to eat your lunch. You have control over the ingredients and quality of food used.

4. Keep standing up and stretching as often as possible:

If your job is only sitting in front of the computer, make it a practice to stand for some time. You can do your work standing also. Stretch your body in an interval of every hour. Standing is healthier than sitting. It burns your calories. It is good for your back. This is one of the easy and beneficial tips to improve your health at the office.

5. Implement smart computer routine:

Doing work for hours on a computer makes one feel exhausted. Try changing your sitting position, give rest to your eyes in breaks. Reduce the brightness of your computer.  Install the app on your computer to remind you to take breaks. Check that the air quality in the environment is good.

6. Take a walk daily:

Try to walk and go to places which are near your office for your meeting schedule. It will give you sunlight, fresh air and will stretch your muscles. It reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. Walking regulates blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

 7. Climb stairs as much as possible:

Try climbing the stairs as much as possible. If your office is on !5th floor, climb some stairs and when you feel exhausted you may use the lift for reaching your office. Climbing stairs build muscle tone. It improves your energy and immune system.  It burns twice as many calories walking does.

8. Try to do some exercise daily:

Keep a time of at least 30 minutes spare to exercise regularly. It can be done by going for a yoga session, gym either nearby your office or in the office. Exercise is productive for your health. It not only burns your calories but also reduces your stress levels and refreshes you.

9. Take a small nap or keep your eyes closed for some time:

Take a quick nap on your desk, or in a private room in the office. You can also keep your eyes shut for some time if you are not able to sleep. You will feel energetic after doing so. It also calms the mind, boosts your mood. Napping also improves concentration to better performance at work.

10. Drink plenty of water:

Keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water daily. Some healthy fruits which are a good source of water such as oranges, grapes, watermelon can also be consumed to stay hydrated. It improves your digestion system. Water intake boost skin health and beauty.

11. Stay stress-free:

You can reduce your stress by changing your workplace for a short interval in the day. It can be in a park near your office, an outdoor café, etc. You can also engage in some social media or talk to someone in between your worktime. Staying a life free from stress is easy and beneficial tips to improve your health at the office. Stress-free living helps in creating mental wellbeing.

12. Cut down your intake of excess tea/coffee:

Limit the intake of caffeine in your body.  The better option would be to drink green tea. Caffeine raises blood pressure and reduces sleep. Excess intake of tea/coffee increases calories to your diet. Studies have proved that a limit of tea consumption is good as it has antioxidant properties.

13. Listen to Music:

Use your headphones, try listening to the music of your choice. It helps in regulating emotions and creates happiness and relaxation. Listening to music improves your performance level, immune functioning.

14. Clean all your gadgets daily with a disinfectant:

There may be many germs present on your keyboard, phone mouse which will affect your health. Keep a disinfectant to clean all such gadgets, to keep you away from any kind of virus infecting your body. It also helps in completing your task in speed and gives better ideas.

15. Reduce your sugar intake:

You should avoid having more chocolates, aerated drinks, etc. Limit your sugar in tea/ coffee. It helps in leading a healthy life and lose weight. Excess sugar leads to dental cavities. It will help in preventing fatty liver disease and will keep your brain sharp.

16. Practice meditation daily:

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and start inhaling and exhaling for some time. Sit in silence for at least 5 minutes. It promotes emotional health and enhances self-awareness. Meditation reduces age-related memory loss.


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