Best glucometers for diabetes management

To understand the best glucometers for diabetes management first we will have to understand details about glucometers. A glucometer is a device used to get the blood sugar levels reading as and when required. A glucometer can be connected to a smartphone, has storage capacity and are available at reasonable prices. It reduces our visit to medical centers and labs for checking blood sugar levels. A glucometer consists of test strips, lancets, and built-in memory to record blood sugar levels. After doing a deep investigation and research the following are the best glucometers for diabetes management.

Accu-Check Instant Blood Glucose Monitor

Accu-check is the best selling glucometer as it gives accurate results. It has the highest sales. It is very easy to use.
The pack has 10 strips in it. One has to just insert a strip in the meter, prick your finger with the lancet and put a drop of blood on it. the blood sugar levels come quickly. The device stores approximately 750 readings of blood glucose levels. There is an added feature of transferring the records of blood glucose levels in your laptops, mobiles, etc. Accu Check is budget-friendly and easy to handle and operate. It has added features of color indicators which intimates you of your blood sugar levels situation viz; red for low, green for normal and blue for high.

Dr. Trust Glucometer Machine

The device is fully automatic. It is one of the best glucometers for diabetes management. There is a big Lcd screen with backlight which helps to read at night and in darkness. to read the sugar levels. it has an auto alert function. it is less painful. A blood sample is pricked from the fingertips, forearms, upper arm, calf, or thigh. It has the latest GDH-FDA strip enzyme technology which gives accurate readings. The pack consists of 60 strips and 60 lancets. The strips are usable for 2 years and lancets can be used for 5 years. It has different types of mode viz; AC mode for early morning blood sugar levels, PC mode for after meal readings, etc. It also has a keystone alert feature. It can store 1000 readings.

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucometer

It has a modern, user-friendly design and so is also one of the best selling glucometers. The pack consists of 50 strips, lancets, and an LCD screen. A buzzing sound effect is given when the device is turned on and even when the test is completed. The device can store 300 readings. It has a lifetime warranty.

Beato Smartphone Glucose Meter

Beato smartphone is small in size and easy to handle. The pack consists of 20 strips. It has a long battery life. The device has the option of being connected to your smartphone.

One-Touch Select Simple Glucometer

Many medical practitioners recommend this as the best glucometer for diabetes management. It is easy to handle and gives accurate results. The device has a visual and audio alert system which intimates if the blood sugar level is too high or too low. It gives red and blue color indicators, red light shows sugar level is too high and a blue light indicates sugar level is too low. The pack consists of 10 strips. The main disadvantage of it is that it does not store previous readings.

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