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Best Exercises for Diabetic Patients to be done at home

Best Exercises for Diabetic Patients to be done at home are easy to perform and stress-free. Life is busy and sometimes we don’t get time to go out for a workout. It does not require excess effort or money to do exercises at home. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. Any workout increases flexibility and strengthens joints. Heart attacks don’t occur during strenuous activity, and therefore all exercises done at home are good for health. Exercise builds muscles in the body and burns calories.


It is fun doing this home exercise to maintain good health. Dancing is an effective exercise to lower blood sugar levels. Dance reduces your stress level, burns calories. The mental work that goes on while dancing of remembering dance steps and patterns improves brain power and boosts memory. It involves a great amount of physical activity, reduces weight, brings down the blood sugar levels and stress levels. A 30-minute dance session can burn up to 150 calories.

Climbing Stairs

Climbing stairs up and down is the best exercise for diabetic patients to be done at home as it burns your sugar levels. It is the best exercise for sugar patients. It can be done even if you are at work. Climbing the stairs should be started from 5 minutes a day after 2 hours of every meal, this reduces the post-meal sugar levels according to new research. It also reduces the danger of cardiovascular diseases and boosts energy stamina levels.


It involves multiple types of exercise as you are walking, digging, lifting, kneeling, bending, etc. So this home exercise helps to maintain good health.
It gives both physical and emotional benefits. It reduces stress levels. Outdoor gardening gives the body ample natural sunlight which reduces the deficiency of vitamin D which increases the risk of diabetes. Gardening is a stress-free way of doing a daily workout. It is a simple exercise for diabetes. It burns 250-500 calories per hour.

Along with exercise, it is necessary to follow a healthy diet plan


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