All you Need to Know about Reflexology

Reflexology Meaning, Reflexology Treatment, Reflexology Benefits

Reflexology Meaning 

Reflexology is a kind of massage. It applies various pressure to the hands, feet, and ears. The concept behind it is that these body parts relate to specific organs and body structures. Reflexology is in general relaxing and reduces stress. It is a non-invasive supportive health treatment. The therapy can be beneficial in providing comfort and relaxation. It is a touch treatment. Reflexology states that there are different points on the legs, hand, ears, and face. They correlate with different parts of the body. Reflexologists work on these parts and areas. All you need to know about reflexology is the treatment and its benefits.

Anyway, one view reflexology as a timeframe for relaxation. The customer gets one-to-one attention. The therapy is useful to provide better well being to the customers. Reflexology is a well-known exotic therapy. It stimulates circulation, minimizes pain, and empowers tired feet. One can take the therapy at any age, from newborns to elderly people.

Individuals who practice this procedure are reflexologists. Reflexologists applying pressure to these parts to offer health benefits. They use a foot diagram to educate them as they apply pressure to a particular part of the body.

Reflexology Treatment 

The reflexologist will ask for a detailed medical study on your first visit. They will then decide the type of treatment that is beneficial for you. Reflexologists gives a certain amount of pressure to the face, hands, ears, or legs. All you need to know about reflexology treatment is that it works on the following basis:

1. Reflexology treatment implements with the central nervous system

There is a neurological connection between the skin and the internal organs. The nervous system balances with the stimulus. The pressure given by the reflexologist helps to adjust the tension level of the body. This helps in proper functioning and boost blood circulation. It also benefits the respiratory system of the body and boosts the immune system.

2. Reflexology treatment cleanses the body toxins

The massage methods in the reflexology treatment cleanse the body toxins. Toxins present in our body because of digestion flushes out by reflexology. Reflexology boosts the immune system and helps to lead a healthy life. The therapy helps in enhancing blood circulation. This further aids in circulating more oxygen in the body.

3. Reflexology treatment helps in the proper flow of the body’s vital energy

According to a study, there is a “vital energy” in the human body. If the pressure is not applied, it leads to a blockage of energy. This results in inefficiencies in the human body that causes diseases. Reflexology helps to keep the energy circulating, as it works with the nervous system. This helps you to stay healthy.

4. Reflexology treatment reduces stress, pain and improves the state of mind

The therapy relaxes the body and gives mental peace. Thus, it reduces stress and pain. The reflexologist studies the areas that lead to obstruction in a smooth flow of energy. They then give pressure points to increase the flow of energy. The body tissues can execute the maintenance cycle without the hurdle of pain and stress. It functions as a sleep booster.

5. Reflexology treatment works on zone theory

In the zone theory, the body is divided into 10 standing equal zones. Each zone relates to fingers and toes as far as possible up to the highest point of the head. The therapist can examine each muscle, organ, etc. that come within the zone by means of a point on the hands or feet. They apply pressure to these points to pull out blockages and boost your health.

Reflexology Benefits –All you need to know about Reflexology

Reflexology provides many amazing benefits. It is valuable from various perspectives. The pressure points given in the treatment improves or minimizes any side effects. Reflexology is helpful in the following ways:

  1. Reducing stress, anxiety, and depression
  2. Boost the immune system
  3. Eases arthritis pain, back pain, neck pain
  4. Improves brain power
  5. Increase blood circulation in the body
  6. Gives relief in lungs problems
  7. Helps to cure skin disorders
  8. Improves eyesight
  9. Minimizes smoking and tobacco addiction
  10. Relaxes the body
  11. Boost energy levels
  12. Improves nerve function
  13. Relieves side effects of cancer treatment
  14. Eases pregnancy
  15. Cures headaches and migraines
  16. Controls blood pressure, and diabetes
  17. Helps with flat feet and plantar fasciitis
  18. Speeds up recovery after injury
  19. It makes your sex life better
  20. Helps to reduce menstrual disorders in women
  21. Relieves cold, cough, constipation
  22. Improves digestion
  23. Solves sinus issues
  24. Reduces emotional challenges life anger, frustration, etc.
  25. Cures insomnia

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