5 Best Fitness Band in India 2020- Detailed Review

How Fitness Tracker Works?

5 Best Fitness Band in India 2020- Detailed Review


These are the 5 Best Fitness band in India 2020:

 Overall Best Band: Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Band
 Best Band in Features: Mi Band 5 Smart band
Band Best for Workout: Honor Band 5 Fitness Tracker
Best Health Tracking Band: Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit 2 Pro fitness band
Value for Money: Fitbit Inspire HR Band


The fast-changing food and lifestyle habits affect following a healthy diet. That’s the reason why a solid exercise plan will be fruitful. But how can we keep track of our fitness? The answer is simple!! Having a fitness band will be useful to plan your workouts. It gives correct knowledge and accurate statistics. We have put all our efforts to prepare a list of best fitness bands in India. These are the 5 best fitness band in India which fitness freak for daily exercise plans:

1. Fitbit Charge3:

Fitbit Charge 3


If anyone asks us about which is the best fitness band, we would recommend Fitbit Charge 3.

Here is the detailed review:

  • Important Features

Easy to use the touchscreen

It is very easy to operate. The band has a backlit OLED display which answers to natural swiping and scrolling. The grayscale touchscreen has a resolution of 96 x 32 pixels.

Extra accessories

It has accessories that give your band a smart look. You have to buy these accessories.

Best health tracker

It is a good health tracker as it provides the following facilities:

       Tracks level of calories burnt

24/7 measures heart rate

Tracks your daily activity

15+ goal-based activity modes

Tracks sleep and sleep stages


  • Advantages

Durable and lightweight

The battery lasts for 7 days on a single charge. It takes maximum1-2 hours to fully charge the battery

Stay connected with your mobile

No screen damage due to its gorilla glass

Water resistance and swim-proof

Supports apps like Uber, Weather, etc.

  • Disadvantages

GPS is not onboard

No storage for music

NFC support is only in the special edition

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2. Mi Band 5

 Mi Band 5


It is an affordable fitness band. The manufacturer is one of the first companies to introduce a fitness band. The company keeps constant improvement and updation in the design and features. It has launched Mi band 4 to beat up the competition.

  • Important Features

Classy look

It has a bigger AMOLED display. There are about 100 new themed dials to choose from.

Extra Features

11 professional sports mode

The modes are:

Power Walking, Outdoor Cycling, Freestyle, Pool Swimming, Outdoor running, Treadmill, Indoor cycling, Rowing machine, Jump rope, Elliptical, Yoga

All-new women’s health tracking and PAI scoring system

It tracks the menstrual cycle and gives notifications.

Three health modes to improve health

Personal activity intelligence

Stress monitoring

Breathing exercises


  • Advantages

50 m water resistance

14-day battery life

Snap photos with a single click

Blood oxygen tracking

NFC and voice assistants

SMS, call and social media notifications

Unlimited watch faces

Smarter music controls


  • Disadvantages

No GPS, ECG, and thermometer

UI needs improvement

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3. Honor band 5

honor band 5


It has all types of fitness-focused technology. The band contains cardio and activity detector, and smart notifications. It is suitable for Android smartphones, tested with Os and iPhone XR.

  • Important Features

Links up with Huawei Health App

It helps in extra information on the way to track your progress.

Accurate Heart rate Tracking

The accuracy is as good as a traditional chest-mounted heart rate track.

Good Quality and lightweight

The band has a good quality silicone strap. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear on the wrist.

Optical heart rate track

Honor 5 band has the best 6-axis accelerometer in this price segment and gives precise data.

  • Advantages

Accurate heart rate measurement

Simple and excellent app

Low cost with the same quality as more noble devices

Comfortable and modest in looks

Automatic and detailed sleep tracking

  • Disadvantages


Freezing screen

Need separate app support and theme sideloading

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4. Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit 2 Pro

 Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit 2 Pro fitness band


  • Important Features

Offers many apps

The band has many apps for fitness tracking and diet planning

Water lock mode

There is a water lock mode on this fitness band. While using this device underwater or in rains you have to switch on the lock mode.

Highest effective device

It is lightweight. The band works with both Android and iOS.

4GB music storing space

The fitness band promotes 4GB space to download your favorite songs for your workout.

  • Advantages

Built-in GPS

Super AMOLED screen is appreciable

Broader compatibility

Full notifications support

Awesome design

Refined look

Automatic activity detection

  • Disadvantages

The display is weak outdoors

Problems in barometer

A little difficult setup process for iOS users

The fluctuation of heart-rate sensor accuracy

No native alarm feature

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5. Fitbit Inspire HR

 Fitbit Inspire HR Band


It has advanced technology with many features to help track your health. The device can track up to 15 different indoor and outdoor exercises.

  • Important Features

An impressive and unique look

It has a sleek design that is comfortable to wear. It is light in weight and has replaceable silicon straps.

Seamless app integration

The band takes hardly a minute to set up and sync with your mobile.

Checks your food calories intake

The band keeps a check on your calorie consumption with its food logging option on the Fitbit app.

Option to start a specific workout

You can begin with a specific workout from the tracker itself. The band has the capacity for six exercises within the exercise menu on the device. You can change these six shortcuts in the Fitbit app. There is a choice of 21 activities like tennis, boot camp, and golf.

  • Advantages

Good looking design with changeable bands

Comfortable to wear 24/7

The display is visible and responsive

A good amount of tracking functionality

Satisfactory heart rate monitoring

Lightweight, slim fit


  • Disadvantages

The vertical screen is tiny and narrow

Lack of inbuilt music storage

Mobile notifications could have been better

Do not track climbing stairs

Limited watch face options


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How Fitness Tracker Works?

The performance of the fitness trackers depends on which model of the brand you are buying. All the trackers comprise sensors in them. The sensor monitors your sleep and tracks your heart. They accumulate all the information linked to everyday activities.

The fitness band tracks fitness progress. The data sent from sensors displays on the band. It is also visible on any companion app.  As we live in a world of online activities, these fitness trackers are very useful.

There is no lack of sensors in a fitness band. The more sensors a band has, the more costly it becomes. These are some of the sensors present in a fitness band:

1. 3-Axis Accelerometer

These sensors are present in all the fitness trackers. It is an electromechanical machine that tracks all your movements.

2. Altimeter

This sensor measures changes of altitude using atmospheric pressure. The sensor is useful to track your steps while climbing stairs.

3. Barometer

This sensor measures and indicates the atmospheric pressure. It helps you to know whether it’s going to be a sunny or wet day.

4. Bioimpedance Sensor

These sensors are useful in smart weighing scales to measure your body composition. The use of these sensors is to trace sleep patterns, respiration, and heart rate. It is also useful for pores and skin galvanization.

5. Compass

This sensor is generally present in sports watches. It displays the direction of the magnetic north and bearings from it.

6. Capacitive Sensor

It helps in reducing power consumption. This is possible by placing the device to sleep (and wake up) mode when not in use for a set period of time.

7. UV Sensor

This is a very helpful sensor as per my findings. The UV sensor displays the sunlight. It alerts once you’re absorbing harmful UV radiation.

8. Ambient Light Sensor

It detects the time of the day by changing the light into a digital indicator and reporting it to the inside unit. This sensor is useful in mobiles to change the brightness of the screen. This saves your battery life.

9. ECG Sensor

It is also known as an Electrocardiogram sensor. The sensor displays the electrical impulses which are coming from your heart. They come out with every beat, through the heart muscle. You can pick these tiny alerts by ECG.

10. Temperature Sensor

This sensor shows your body’s temperature reading or external temperature when required.

11. Optical heart rate Sensor

The sensor is set inside the health tracker under the device with a smart light on your skin. When your heart pumps the blood, it passes through your veins at a speedy rate. This results in displaying little light backward. The device with an optical HR sensor then calculates your heartbeat. It is possible with a unique algorithm.

12. GPS

Global Positioning System (GPS) is one of the nice functions within the fitness tracker. It ensures your calorie burn stats are correct. It works by monitoring your actual location. If you are walking or running the gap is calculated between the sequence of GPS satellites.

13. LTE

This is generally seen in smartwatches and fitness trackers. An LTE authorized device has a built-in modile connection. You can make/pick calls from the device.

14. Gesture Technology

This is a future tech that controls the performance of your gadgets. This is possible by your body actions like lifting your hand, moving your fingers, etc.

15. Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeter sensors is available in the market since 1980’s. But with developments in healthcare technology, it is now affordable. The sensor has led as a light source to supply light into the tissue. Then an image detector gets light from the skin. They measure the accuracy of providing oxygen to every part of your body from your heart.


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